Monday, March 31, 2008

hip hip hooray! opening day - 2008

Well, as surely as the world turns, here we are at MLB's 2008 season. Everyone is tied for first. None of that negative "wait til next year" is next year!

I am a little behind getting all the stats organized. But there won't be a series sweep for a few more days. I'll just have to get into overdrive.

I was truly inspired over the weekend by a NESN special on Bill James, the king of baseball stats, now working with the Boston Red Sox. It is encouraging in keeping seriesweep going to know Bill was a "overnight success". He started working himself through college in the early 70's by being a night watchman at a baked bean factory! Two interesting items there, his persistence, faith in his analysis and fifteen years of time, got him to the promised land...but did it have to be Beantown??

By the way, W's first pitch athe the Braves/Natiionals game was high and wide...I guess you might say "off the mark". I'd say he is consistent.